Trade Show Manager

Melanie Budgell

Meet Melanie Budgell, our dynamic new trade show manager at the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce!
With over a decade of residence in Fort McMurray, Melanie brings a deep understanding of our vibrant community and its diverse needs. Her journey in business management has honed her skills, while her tenure in the logistics industry has equipped her with invaluable experience in handling large-scale projects with precision and efficiency.
Melanie's passion for people shines through in everything she does. Known for her warm demeanor and exceptional interpersonal skills, she thrives in collaborative environments and delights in building strong connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders alike.
Eager to embrace fresh challenges, Melanie sees her role as trade show manager not just as a job, but as an exciting opportunity to make a meaningful impact. With her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, she is poised to elevate our trade shows to new heights, creating memorable experiences for vendors, attendees, and the community at large.
When she's not busy orchestrating spectacular events, you can find Melanie exploring the local scene, supporting small businesses, or enjoying quality time with family and friends. With her innovative spirit and boundless energy, Melanie is ready to lead the way forward, driving success and growth for the Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce and its cherished trade shows.
Melanie Budgell
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