The Climate Leadership Plan is a made-in-Alberta strategy designed to diversify our economy, create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Canadian provinces and territories must have an emission reduction plan in place by 2018 or Ottawa will impose a federal carbon tax. We’re acting today, before the federal government acts for us.


Key aspects of our plan include:


  • putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions
  • ending pollution from coal-generated electricity by 2030
  • developing more renewable energy
  • capping oil sands emissions to 100 megatonnes per year
  • reducing methane emissions by 45% by 2025

Progress report

Our plan is designed for Alberta’s economy, and it’s working. We’re seeing success in reducing emissions, investments in innovation, energy efficiency and renewables, and good jobs that are putting Albertans back to work.

The Climate Leadership Plan Progress Report 2016-17 provides an update on the actions taken and the progress made towards achieving our goals.

To encourage Albertans to reduce carbon pollution from their homes and cars, a carbon levy is charged on heating and transportation fuels that emit greenhouse gas emissions when burned.

Revenue generated from the levy will pay for initiatives that support reducing emissions and transitioning to a diversified and lower carbon economy, including:

  • rebates for Albertans to offset cost increases
  • renewable energy projects and electricity transition supports
  • industrial and consumer energy efficiency programs
  • indigenous climate leadership initiatives
  • transit and infrastructure projects

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